Communal Incubations

Land (inquire via email)

  • Grow Food
    • design gardens, sow, grow, process, preserve food together ---weekly to seasonally
  • Land Love
    • prayerful gardening, mindful walking, singing to the Earth

Support Groups (inquire via email)

  • Satsang with Mooji/Papaji
    • watch videos with communal potluck 
  • Prayer Vigil
    • prayers (and resources handout) to heal racism, other internalized oppressions, cultivating safety.  15 min each of Gratitude, Grief, Prayer, Song-Dance. 
  • Women of Color Retreat focus group 
  • Lyme Disease and chronic illness support group 

Fostering Cross-Cultural Allies (inquire via email)

  • EmpowerMentors
    • partnership of skilled tradepersons with apprentices for mutual benefits of skill and culture exchange

  • Tool Share
    • farm/garden tool and labor swap: we borrow tools for a balanced labor exchange or farm goods exchange