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The global majority and allies cultivate inner and outer harmony while honoring our innate wholeness

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Ancestral Prayers Answered

Mission: "“Harmony Homestead & Wholeness Center, Inc. exists to facilitate racial harmony and reparations to members of the underserved global majority by means of support groups, reconnecting with Nature, sustainably growing and preserving food, preserving and practicing indigenous wisdom, and fostering cross-cultural allies."

Family Bio

Harmony HWC was founded by siblings David ( https://www.pbs.org/video/extended-david-graham-american-graduate-champion-fc3mao/ ), Alex (manager of multiple software departments, general peacemaker extraordinaire), Rachel ( founder:https://www.facebook.com/CocoaHouseInc/ ) , and Elizabeth ( http://wholenesstheblog.blogspot.com/ ; WSBS radio interview https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vnclozqtA2eE570yertRopR5gQS9PSyx   ).  We are simple, everyday folks that are doing the slow, steady work within our hearts, our communities, and by divine grace to unveil the wholeness of this interconnected Earth.  

Like most African Americans our resilient roots made it to the American south by ancestral prayers, the will to persevere, and everyday miracles. However, enduring the deeply sick systems of slavery, classism, and racism have left generations of trauma on our national collective consciousness, with African Americans still bearing the brunt of the overt physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual discord. We have come this far by faith, leaning on the Divine, and we will continue to do this work of self-discovery as we reconnect toward wholeness with happy hearts.  We come from a line of African and Choctaw prayer warriors, farmers, entrepreneurs, and sharecroppers in Mississippi and the Carolinas.  Our humble experiences include: restorative justice, youth mentorship, social work, Reiki, fine arts, education, software development, homesteading, beekeeping, gardening, raising chickens, fermenting, preserving food, meditation, recreation, and multicultural training. Although we are classically educated we have learned the most by digging in deep, one handful at a time, and doing the work right in front of us. Our family for decades has leveraged resources from the haves to the have-nots via weekly food redistribution, tutored and mentored underserved youth, healed severe chronic conditions, and facilitated cross cultural allies within our families and professional lives.   Harmony Homestead & Wholeness Center received a land gift as an act of reparation and is in position to accept other resources to continue the work we have long set out to do. We will collectively unveil harmony and wholeness one song, one patch of soil, and one heart at a time.  We and this land are part of our ancestral and collective dreams.   Please join us in prayer and deed.  With you we are harmonious and whole!

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  • This is a safe space, particularly for the underserved global majority.  Please be mindful of intentions, actions, and how others are affected by your presence.  Listening deeply to self and other is your biggest gift.
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Harmony Homestead & Wholeness Center, Inc.