Communities we Love

Soul Fire Farm--

Pioneering the way for much of the food justice and POC-led farm movement in the Eastern states and beyond.  Activists and farmers extraordinaire

Multicultural BRIDGE Inc.--

Cultural competency training heroines of the Berkshires.  Skillful heartfelt trainings for institutions and individuals

Wildseed Healing Village--

Farmers, activists, healers, artists, heart-centered revolutionaries

Reparations Map (link below)-- created by Soul Fire Farm

Black and Brown land-based food and social justice initiatives.  Map makes it easy to offer specifically requested support.

Pendle Hill--

Serene.  Worshipful.  Where some of us learned to heal ailments with old trees and live in authentic heart-centered community     

Konohana Family--

A rare treat.  Multigenerational, high vibrational, sustainable, harmonious ag with Earth, 30 yr old community